Dancehall Artist Mr. Peppa Is Grieving His Mother’s Death (@RealMrPeppa @nyahblessmusic)

Earlier this year dancehall artist Mr. Peppa released a captivating song titled Nah Worry. The track was inspired by his mother, who at the time was gravely ill. She became sick in March and after numerous tests was diagnosed with renal failure and cervical cancer. Following her diagnosis she was then placed on dialysis twice a week. Regretfully, she passed away on Wednesday, August 11th.

Mr. Peppa is now grieving her death, and though he is trying to cling on to the words in his song, Nah Worry, he is indeed broken. In a recent interview with the Jamaica Star he said: “Yeah, man, me and my mom did close. We grow up with mom and dad together. I remember as kids as soon as my dad left to work, we would run into their room and jump up in the bed beside her. I would take one cheek and my brother would take the other, because my mom’s skin always felt good. We have this thing we called ‘love’ and whenever she was leaving, we would ask for some ‘love’.”


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