Queen Omega Gives An Insight Into Her Just Released Single “Natural”

On August 20th, Trinidadian reggae artist Queen Omega released the first single from her upcoming album Stars Align. The song, which is a hardcore dancehall track, is titled Natural. In order to get a better understanding of what inspired Natural I reached out to Omega, who was very gracious in answering my questions. Please see our conversation below.

1. What inspired the song Natural?

I looked at life and I see balance in everything positive & negative, beings male female. Also had time thinking about it all and I wanted to sing about the natural vibe that there is in love. 

2. Why did you decide to release this as the lead single for the album?

We discussed it with our team and we thought that this was a good song for the summer that would uplift people in these hard times. It was a hard decision tho looking at all that is coming next! 

3. Natural is extremely hardcore; is this what the rest of the album will be like?

Hard-core is definitely how I would love the album to be described so yes the rest will follow this vibe always about human relationships, the ups and down… This side project reflects all the positive and negative that you can find in relations. 

4. What do you want people to take away from the song Natural?

That love is a natural thing and that it can be found everywhere! Life cannot be lived without it. Love is the source of life no meaning without it. I want people to dance on the heavy riddim like the beautiful African dancers in the music video. 

5. What sort of feedback have you been getting about Natural since it came out?

People love the song because it’s about love and everyone needs love! Also we had confusing feedbacks about heterosexuality homosexuality and as a singer I don’t want people to think I’m judging their sexuality! I’m here to give a powerful message of love nothing else. 

6. What can you tell us about the producer of Natural (the beat maker), as the riddim is really powerful?

Nobletouch is a young gifted black man who is creating waves in the music scene in Trinidad….I love working with him it’s an organic & natural connection we have between the two of us. He is the bridge between me and the new generations of our Island. I wanted to highlight his music to show the world what kind of talented youth we have over here! 

7. When exactly will the album be released (month and day)?

The album (EP) will be released in November, I can’t give a date for now! But what is sure is that my next single is coming out September the 17th alongside a big man of the afrobeat industry!!! Can’t wait for you all to discover it. 
The pre-order of the EP will be available at the end of October, I can’t wait to share with you, the artwork and the rest of the songs. 

8. What if any role is Evidence Music playing in this project?

Evidence music is the label that is doing the distribution of this project in the world apart from Canada, there it’s Nuits D’afrique Disques which was created in 1998 to share African music in this country. My girl Badu (manager) and I produced the project with Nobletouch a young Trinidadian producer.

9. When and how did you start working with Evidence Music?

We started working with Evidence Music for this one project, and hope that we will carry on working with them as they are a professional team, sensitive to the culture we are spreading.


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