Dean Fraser’s “Flat Bridge” Is A Timeless Contribution To The Reggae Industry (@Tadsrecord)

Every reggae lover knows the name Dean Fraser; regardless if they are very erudite about the genre or they only have a basic appreciation for it. The fact is Fraser, who is a master saxophonist, has literally contributed to hundreds of reggae recordings since the 1970s.
Persons fortunate to have worked with him will testify that he is a perfectionist both on stage and in the studio. Therefore, it goes without saying that his personal productions are held to the highest musical standards. But as he has always done, and will no doubt continue to do, Dean Fraser delivers!
His most recent contribution to the reggae industry is a thirteen-track instrumental album titled Flat Bridge. The project, which has two features: Andre ‘Stringy’ Marsh and Okiel McIntyre, is all live instruments with horns. There are a few dub mixes and a little improvisations, but all and all this is an authentic Jamaican reggae album that is very easy to listen to.
Flat Bridge is produced by Dean Fraser and Tad ‘Junior Tads’ Dawkins for Tad’s Record. The executive producers are Tad A. Dawkins and Tad A. Dawkins Jnr. It was released on all online music platforms, as well as on physical disc on June 4th, 2021.
While preparing this article, we scoured the internet to see what others are saying about Dean Fraser‘s Flat Bridge and were overwhelmed by all the positive reviews. Below are just a couple of the chatter we were able to copy and share.
THE Blaze (Uganda): “Dean Fraser’s Flat Bridge, has been on replay for me this whole week”
A Matter of Time (Malawi): “Well the man who produced one of the greatest Riddims ever made has released yet another Masterpiece.. Flat Bridge Dean Fraser”


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