Politician Turned Music Promoter, Paul Patmore, Gets “Rooted & Grounded” (@patmore_paul)

In 2012 Paul Patmore, the CEO and owner of Patmore Funeral Home, ran and won as an independent councillor for the Lorimers division in the Trelawny Parish Council (Jamaica). Despite not being affiliated with any of the two major political parties, Patmore was an effective councillor who was even given the Governor General (GG) Award for his contribution to community development.

Although his tenure was successful by all accounts, Patmore decided not to seek re-election; choosing instead to focus his attention on his businesses, one of which is his record label: Paul Patmore Production

While running his funeral home and working as a politician, Paul has always simultaneously created music. Initially it was done as hobby but as time passed he began to see it as an actual revenue source.

Consequently, Paul Patmore is now gearing up to release what he considers to be a very powerful rhythm-driven project. He shared the first single a few days ago: “Rooted and Grounded,” performed by Terry Linen and Dipmatik. This is an inspirational dancehall record that has been well received by reggae-dancehall enthusiasts all over the world.

Paul, who has previously worked with prominent artists like Louie Culture, Pinchers and others, is intending to publish the Rooted and Grounded dancehall compilation before the end of the year. In addition to the aforementioned song, Paul has also recorded new music from Little Hero and Tony Curtis for this project. 


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