Willie & KashieF Lindo Connects With Sly & Robbie On New Dancehall Single”Ram It Ram”

Because most territories and regions are currently restricting large gatherings due to the covid-19 virus, a lot of us have not been able to enjoy a good dancehall session in well over a year. In an attempt to provide a temporary fix several promoters have been hosting zoom, Instagram and Facebook events. However, partying online does not have the same feel, energy or vibe as the real thing. 

With that in mind, veteran producer and songwriter Willie Lindo penned a song that accurately captures the dancehall experience. The track is titled Ram It Ram and it is performed by his son KashieF Lindo, who is an accomplished performer and music author in his own right. When asked what’s the inspiration behind the song; in other words what made him (Willie Lindo) write it, he gave two words: “total fulljoyment.”

Interestingly, the musicians and producers behind Ram It Ram are the legendary music duo Sly and Robbie. The song was officially released on all music platforms on September 3rd and it’s on the Lindo‘s label: Heavybeat Records.


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