Bunny General Professes His Love For Reggae Music In New Single (@BunnygeneralBg)

Veteran dancehall deejay Bunny General, who has been active in the industry since the late seventies, is once again rising to prominence. Prior to the covid-19 pandemic the artist was very active on the European scene: headlining shows, while simultaneously recording new music for Euro-based producers. 

One such single is Love Reggae Music Bad, a song done with France’s Iron Dubz. The record was officially released at the beginning of September and it is has been getting nothing but positive reviews since it came out. Bunny General, who is known and respected for his lyrical prowess delivered an old school roots flow that is absolutely captivating. On a laid back reggae beat he expounds on his passion for the musical artform created on the small island of Jamaica: reggae music.

With all the attention that he is currently getting, Bunny is making it clear that he is ready to get back to work; whether it’s shows, tours or new music, local or international. His next project is the Restart Riddim; a dancehall juggling that will be released via the Blakkwuman22 Music label this Fall. 


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