Tommie Tei Shares New Reggae Song “Those Days” (@TommyTeeMusic)

Emerging recording artist Tommie Tei, who has been getting a lot of attention lately, has just released a new reggae song titled Those Days. The record, which was published on September 14th, is all about a time when life felt better: before we were bombarded with crime and violence, before the covid-19 pandemic and all the challenges that come along with it; a time when kids were innocent and people genuinely cared.

Those Days is a groovy, mid-tempo one drop reggae tune that has the power to capture the mind of the listener and transport them back to their better days. The actual beat, which was created by Dwayne Euter, is appropriately dubbed Golden Days Riddim

When pressed on what motivated him to make this record a reflective Tommie Tei said: “the way things are now compare to how it was before gave me the inspiration to write this song.” 

Though he hails from Jamaica, Tommie Tei spends a lot of time in the Cayman Islands and it is there, at Euter Recording Studio, that this song was created (both beat production and vocal recording).


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