Terry Linen & Dipmatik’s “Rooted & Grounded” Enjoying Heavy Radio Rotation

At the beginning of September Jamaican recording artists Terry Linen and Dipmatik released their collaborative single, Rooted & Grounded. This is a remake of Dian Barnett‘s (formerly of the Grace Thrillers) hit song that was published in April, 2016.

Linen and Dipmatik‘s version, which is officially classified as dancehall-gospel, is upbeat, catchy and extremely lively. Because of its bouncy rhythm and hardcore style it has been well received by lovers of both genres: dancehall and gospel. Additionally, radio stations – both secular and Faith-based – have been giving the song very good rotation; and it has even been featured on numerous new media music platforms.

Paul Patmore, the producer of Rooted & Grounded, has stated that he is immensely pleased with the roll out, and as a result, will be recording other artists on the rhythm. That being said, the upcoming compilation, which will be titled Rooted & Grounded Riddim, will feature new music from Jodian Pantry, Little Hero and Tony CurtisPatmore is hoping to have the full project ready before the end of the year.


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