Reggae Artist Mr. D Gets “A Vision” 

Jamaican reggae singer Mr. D, who is now based in Atlanta, Georgia, has just released a new single titled A Vision. The track, which has an early 80s dancehall vibe, details an actual intuitive insight he received one day after reading the Bible (something that is a part of his daily routine). 

Because of the strong religious language used throughout the tune, Mr. D – in a recent interview – was asked about his Faith; he simply stated that he is not a member of any religion or way of life, but that he is a vigorous believer in God Almighty.

The positive messages outlined on the record, combined with the laid back way in-which the rhythm was done, makes A Vision an ideal song to listen to while relaxing and / or meditating. It was produced by Douglas McLeary and executive produced by Donald Carr. All the creative work was done in Mr. D‘s Symbolic Fresh Music studio in the Atlanta area.

After staying in the background for years as a song writer for artists like The Silvertones and The MagnificentsMr. D is now forging ahead with his own career. A Vision, which is now available on all music platforms, will be featured on his upcoming album.


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