Listen & Download New EP From 2 Of A Kind “She’s Bad”

Reggae duo, brothers: Shane and Shawn – publicly known as 2 Of A Kind – have released an EP titled She’s Bad. The men, who have been active in the industry since 2004, stepped away from the music scene in 2014 to attend medical school. While there, they studied respiratory therapy and have since received their license allowing them to work therapeutically with people suffering from acute critical conditions, cardiac and pulmonary disease. 

Despite their many achievements outside of music, 2 Of A Kind‘s sincere love for authentic reggae acted as the catalyst for them returning. Additionally, they became concern about being away from the public’s eye for too long. That said, the brothers spent the last two years in and out of studios in South Florida working on the songs featured on this new EP. 

The tracks on She’s Bad are all about their desire and admiration for women, with the exception of Kudos Mama – track one – which is about their love, respect and appreciation for one very special lady; their mother. Persons that have contributed to the project are: Hugene Grey (lead guitar), Fiona (harmony singer), Ipaul (beats, basslines and audio engineer), Clive Bull (production), Danny Breakenridge (production) and 2 Of A Kind, who also produced three of the songs.

She’s Bad was officially released on June 4, 2021, via Kindem Music, 2 Of A Kind‘s own record label. According to the brothers, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with many people highlighting the title track as their favorite.


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