Dancehall Artist Danny English Continues To “Give Thanks To Life”

Dancehall artist Danny English, who rose to prominence in the early 2000’s after he and his then musical partner Egg Nog were featured on the Diwali Riddim with the mega hit song Party Time, is again getting a lot of attention for what many are calling another potential hit.

The song is titled Give Thanks To Life and it’s one of seven tracks that’s on the recently released Razor Riddim by Paul Patmore Production. On the record English gives listeners a front row seat into what is going on in the lives of those involved in Jamaica’s underworld of crime and violence. “Everything
inna di song is a true story. Inna verse one mi bredrin did really get dip and me tell him go business but him go badness and violate di don,”
Danny explained. He was also careful to note that although he has been incarcerated a few times he himself never partook in that behavior.

For fans and supporters of Danny English who knows his history – having grown up in a ruff neighborhood, specifically on Waltham Park Road in Kingston, where he was accustomed to seeing his friends engaged in that lifestyle – it is commendable that he has managed to stay clear of it. No, for Danny it has always been, and will always be about music and his kids. That said, he has recently entered into an agreement with Paul Patmore to do an EP, which will be published in the next few months. So although Give Thanks To Life is on the Razor Riddim it is also the first single from the aforementioned upcoming project. 

In addition to Danny English, the Razor Riddim, which is being distributed by Zojak Worldwide, also features Jabalance, Diestro, Louie Culture, Queen Kamarla, Pinchers and Mezmo Roc One.


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