KRS-One Saves Hip-Hop In Short Film (@IAmKRSOne)

At the end of October legendary MC KRS-One shared a twenty-two minutes movie in which one of the main character, a hip-hop producer who was about to loose his studio, calls on Kris to help him.

Because he was three months behind in the rent, his landlord gave him 3 options: pay the rent in full right then and there; get out in approximately 4 hours if the rent is not paid; or get a well known hip-hop artist to do three songs for him (the landlord). This is where KRS-One came in.

Throughout the short film KRS-One performed three of his songs: Have To Wait, Krazy and Knock Em Out. He also did two freestyles. The most important thing he did however, was to demonstrate that although the hip-hop industry, much like many other genres, are filled with ignorant, egotistical, self-serving, money-grabbing, attention seeking creators and promoters, there is still hope, because real rappers like KRS-One are still around.


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