Watch The Jonny x Mali Livestream On November 22nd

At the end of September Jonathan McReynolds and Mali Music kicked off their Jonny x Mali Tour. The men did dates in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte and Atlanta. Although all the shows were well attended, both artists are of the belief that everyone who wanted to see the concert were not able to; due to the many challenges posed by the corona virus. 

With that in mind, they have decided to bring the experience directly in the homes of their fans and supporters. That said, on Monday, November 22nd, the Jonny x Mali show will stream via Compassion Live at 7pm CT.

Tickets for the livestream are going for $20 USD per person. And for ardent fans who would like to see more; they can sponsor a child through Compassion International by purchasing a VIP ticket. This means they’ll get access to the November 22nd livestream, as well as a virtual ticket to a pre-show Q&A with Jonathan McReynolds and a copy of the new album: Jonny x Mali Live In LA.


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