Mr. D Explains The Inspiration Behind His Latest Single “Vision”

Growing up in the Maxfield Avenue community of Kingston, Jamaica, singer Mr. D remembers he and his brother spending hours at the revival church beside their home. He treasures those childhood days when they played the drums that belonged to the “Mother lady” who ran the church. It inspired “Vision,” his latest song.

Mr. D actually recorded the single years ago but it was never released. This time around, he gave “Vision” a spiritual beat and released it on his label. “I don’t belong to any denomination but yes, I do consider myself a religious person,” said Mr. D, who lives in Georgia

“Vision” is his follow-up to “My Reward,” which was released early this year. After writing songs for other artists including The SilverstonesMr. D kicked off his recording career in 2020 with the humorous “Pum Pum Yam.”


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