Reggae Artist Little Hero Is Still Shinning!

Paul Gayle – publicly known as Little Hero – continues to make good music approximately two decades after he officially entered the reggae-dancehall industry. He recently released a catchy single called Keep Shinning; featured on the Rooted & Grounded Riddim by Paul Patmore Production.

The St. Ann’s singer who had his first major hit in 1994 (God Alone, a collaboration done with Merciless and Action Fire) is, in all likelihood, sitting on another number-one record. On Keep ShinningLittle Hero stuck to the theme of the EP, which is inspirational and faith based.

In addition to Hero‘s tune, the Rooted & Grounded Riddim has another five songs, namely: Born Again (Lukie D), One Day (Jodian Pantry), Thank You Lord (Tony Curtis), the title track, Rooted & Grounded (Terry Linen and Dipmatik) and finally, the instrumental.

Producer Paul Patmore is now coming to terms with the reality that he may have two breakout songs from the same compilation trending simultaneously. The lead single, Terry Linen and Dipmatik‘s Rooted & Grounded, is the first to enter heavy rotation on reggae-dancehall platforms globally. It now has to share the spotlight with Hero‘s Keep Shinning.


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