Petra-Kay’s Biography

Petra-Kay Linton – known publicly as simply Petra-Kay – is a passion driven woman of God who seeks to enhance His kingdom through her music ministry. She began performing at the age of seven in church. Later on, in 2012, she became a member of the Radical Weapons and was privileged to share stages with some of the biggest names in gospel: Kevin Downswell, Jermaine Edwards, Joan Flemmings, Micah Stampley and many more.

After traveling far and wide to share the word of God with the Radical Weapons, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, she decided to step away from the group and continue on as a solo act. That said, Petra-Kay and her manager – Kamar Forrest of Danx440 Entertainment – have truly been walking by faith.

In 2019 she released her first single, Sovereign God, which was well received by gospel audiences worldwide. She followed up in 2020 with the now trending Chorus Medley Live (Extended Version), which surpassed a million views in less than a year. Her momentum continued in 2021, when she won the Sterling Gospel Music Award for Breakout Sensation of the Year.

Petra-Kay Linton has been a committed Christian for well over a decade and has no regrets about her decision to serve the Lord. She currently attends the New Life Worship Centre under the leadership of Pastor Steele.

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