Dwight Pinkney’s Version Of “The Train Is Coming” Is Simply Euphonious!

It is said that there are literally hundreds of new reggae songs released on a daily basis. This number continues to grow, especially as technology advances, giving untrained music enthusiasts the ability to create their own sound.

This new day and age that we live in has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the unfortunate things about having access to so many new tunes on an ongoing basis is that the really great songs can, and does sometimes get lost in the crowd. 

One such song is Dwight Pinkney‘s rendition of The Train is Coming; featured on Upstairs Music‘s latest reggae compilation with the same name. 

Although this beautiful instrumental is being recognized and celebrated by persons within the reggae industry, many are of the belief that it ought to be exposed to a wider audience so that its charming and seductive melodies can be fully appreciated by true reggae lovers.

Dwight‘s decades of musical experiences are embodied in this one record. From his entry into the industry in the 60s with the group The Sharks, to his countless shows and studio sessions with the likes of Bunny Wailer, Coxsone Dodd, Toots Hibbert and other legendary reggae artists and producers. One of Dwight Pinkney‘s most recognized works to date is How Could I Live, which has been covered by many artists including the great Dennis Brown. That being said, his interpretation of The Train Is Coming is arguably among his best, as far as instrumental goes.


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