Blakkwuman22 Music Releases New Dancehall Compilation “Restart Riddim”

Restart Riddim is a four-track dancehall compilation that features new music from Peppery, Sherida Sharpe, I-Talawah and Karamanti. The project, which was released at the end of November, comes to us courtesy of Blakkwuman22 Music.

The idea for the record was conceptualized after the label shared the first single from Karamanti’s upcoming album, Start With A Prayer, and noticed that the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Everybody that heard the track fell in love with it; and several artists inquired about voicing on the instrumental. However, after careful deliberation the Blakkwuman22 Music team decided to go with the aforementioned performers.

The beat for the Restart Riddim was built by Lamar Thompson, exclusively for Blakkwuman22 Music. And all the artists wrote their respective songs, with the exception of the title track, which although sung by Sherida Sharpe, was written by Karamanti.

The objective of this and all other projects on the Blakkwuman22 Music label is to purposefully restore positivity back into Jamaican dancehall music.


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