Reggae Global Entertainment Presents “Di Jugglin. Volume 2 – Hush Riddim” Ft. Ed Robinson, Anthony Malvo & Others (@ReggaeGlobal)

At the end of November, U.S. based roots label, Reggae Global Entertainment, released a stunning seventeen-track album titled Di Jugglin. Volume 2 – Hush Riddim

The project, which is made up of lovers-rock, inspirational and socially conscious tunes, boasts a stellar line-up. It features: Ed Robinson, Anthony Malvo, Ian Sweetness, G Cole, Hopeton Lindo, Hezron, Peter G, Joanna Marie, UU Maddo, Zeal, Yvad, Steve Knight, Yishka, Chris Thomas The CEO, Teddy Greaves Jr., Shauna Dazzle and Danglin. All the artists committed to the compilation once they learned that it’s for Joanna Marie and Ed Robinson; a well-respected couple in the industry.

In addition to the above-stated names, the creative energies behind the production are equally, and in some cases more accomplished. Therefore one can infer, without hearing it, that this body of work is authentic reggae music of the highest quality. World-renowned bassist Robbie Shakespeare is responsible for the bassline and Willie Lindo did the guitars; while piano, organs and drums were done by KashieF Lindo. The lone woman behind the scenes is the producer, Joanna Marie

The rhythm was created at the Lindo‘s HeavyBeat Studio in Florida. As such, the HeavyBeat crew, along with Joanna Marie and Ed Robinson are credited for both mixing and mastering. As the name implies, this album is the second in a series of rhythm-driven records from Reggae Global Entertainment. Part one came out in 2017 and the hope is to have part 3 ready for November, 2022.

Since its release Di Jugglin. Volume 2 – Hush Riddim has had thousands of streams. When asked what she would like listeners to take away from this album, Joanna Marie said: “the most important take aways would be good penmanship, a riddim to rock your soul.. and longevity sound to last a lifetime.”


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