Kaptiionz Music Partners With Optimum Productions On New Dancehall Juggling “Gyal Game Riddim”

Released on November 19th of this year, the Gyal Game Riddim is a collaborative effort between two of Britain’s trending reggae-dancehall labels: Kaptiionz Music and Optimum Productions, collectively referred to as K/O.    
The sultry dancehall compilation features a total of 10 tracks – three of which are edits – with all artists delivering a blend of well crafted lyrics, catchy punchlines and irresistible melodies. After hearing the full project, music critics have stated that it is in-line with the sounds of modern dancehall.

Performing artists are: Ric Carbi, Sattin, Figga_PDB, Star Bingi, Lushous, Dohlance, Kayonii and Khing Jdmz1st. All are based in the United Kingdom, with the exception of Sattin, who resides in Jamaica. The full project was mixed and mastered at Speak World Studios; and based on the positive feedback, a medley video is now being produced.

Despite the challenges presented by covid-19, 2021 has been a good year for both Kaptiionz Music and Optimum Productions (K/O). The aforementioned Gyal Game Riddim is a follow up to the heavily rotated Tramline Riddim; as well as the successful hit singles Work & Hustle done by Ric Carbi, Dohlance and Star Bingi and Viral Prince by Ragga Ruggie on the Rip Riddim. Both were co-produced by Blue Audio Solution.


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