King Jazzy Re-Shares Previously Released Single “Sentry ” (@kingjazzyBee @bridgewayartist)

In 2018, while the overall crime rate was on the decline in the U.S., police brutality remained constant. This is across all communities; with an unfortunate higher concentration in the inner-cities. 

At the time, song writer, recording artist and producer King Jazzy, who traverses between Jamaica and America, felt compelled to address the situation in a song. The record, titled Sentry, was subsequently shared in the Fall of that year (on September 14th to be exact).

Fast forward to today, in 2021 and police crackdowns, which have in some instances escalated to state terrorism, have gotten worse. With that reality, King Jazzy and his team have decided to re-share the song Sentry, which is now getting a lot of radio play here in Jamaica.

The relevant reggae tune brings to light the acts of some unruly soldiers stationed to keep guard and control access to certain areas, but who are instead abusing their powers.


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