Hezron Responds To The Positive Feedback “Plant A Seed” Is Getting (@iamhezron)

As his single on The Train Is Coming Riddim continues to resonate with reggae lovers all over the world; Hezron says it was inspired by his life experiences, which is all about overcoming challenges, doubts, negativity and everything associated with being defeated.

The song – titled Plant A Seed – was officially released in early September via Upstairs Music as a feature on the aforementioned reggae compilation. And although music industry insiders initially responded favorably to it, leading up to the holidays it has gotten more and more attention, so much so that it is now in heavy rotation.

When asked what he would like listeners to take away from the song, Hezron said the following: “There is an old Jamaica saying that states “Man no dead no call him duppy”. So this is what I want my listeners to take away from it. Never give up despite what people say. Stand firm and stay true to your mission or purpose. Seven times fall but Eight times rise because the more the fight or struggle is the stronger you get. They thought they buried you but they only planted a seed.”

The Train Is Coming Riddim – which is now available on all streaming platforms – also has music performed by Wayne Armond, Screwdriver, Ken Boothe, Kristine Alicia, Dwight Pinkney, AJ Brown, 2 Of A Kind, Glen Washington, Bagga Case, Marcia Ball, Skatta, Kehv, Dheapblu and Yishka.


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