Capleton Is Truly Unstoppable! (@capletonmusic)

If it’s reggae or dancehall; singing or deejaying; on the track by himself or in collaboration with another artist, Capleton – also known as King Shango – is truly unstoppable.

I was reminded of Capleton‘s greatness after I heard his latest single: Unstoppable, done with fellow St. Mary artist Ffurious. On this one the hardcore Rastafarian did the singing, allowing Ffurious to manage the tasks of deejaying.

After listening to the inspirational song several times I found myself wondering why doesn’t Capleton sing more; but then again, he is so incredibly captivating as a deejay. In order to appreciate what is being said I suggest you check out Unstoppable for yourself. Click here or on the image above to watch the official video and remember to like, comment and share.

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