Derrick Scott Tackles The Issue Of False Preachers & Profits In The Church

On Sunday October 17, 2021, the small island of Jamaica was rocked with news that a man – Kevin Smith, who has been successfully posing as a pastor for many years – was engaged in human sacrifice at his place of worship. The self-styled prophet, who was subsequently taken into custody along with 41 members from his congregation, had apparently been living a lavish lifestyle with monies stolen from his congregants. 

It is this, and similar reports, that have led reggae-gospel singer Derrick Scott to reshare his tune False Preacher. The song is featured on his independently produced Gospel Truth album, released in 2018. As the name implies, Scott‘s False Preacher brings to light the unrighteous, impious, disrespectful and Godless lifestyle of the many fake pastors, not just in Jamaica, but all over the world. 

To properly reintroduce the record, Derrick Scott and his team shared its brand new lyric video at the end of December. In it they showed clips of the aforementioned disgraced and now diseased Smith; David Taylor, the American pastor accused of running his multimillion-dollar church as a cult; and a lesser known African church leader who was arrested in Europe for robbing the church’s tithes and offerings.

Because of the tune’s subject matter and with consideration that the earlier mentioned incident is still fresh in the minds of many Jamaicans, False Preacher lyric video is getting non-stop rotation on some of the biggest networks in Jamaica. 

As for Scott, though he is happy that the tune now has a wider audience, he’s making it clear that his real desire is to get the message out so that the perpetrators repent and the victims are not seriously hurt.


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