Fiyaneer Tackles One Of Jamaica’s Most Pressing Issues In New Video (@ReggaeVibesMus1)  

Currently in the small Caribbean island of Jamaica the biggest problem is not covid-19 or corruption; It is crime and violence. Specifically, murder. The numbers are so high that everyone from all sectors of society have been weighing in, albeit in despair.

In the music industry it is split two ways: there are the artists that are actively singing about, and hence promoting the murder culture; while on the other side there are those who abhor these types of songs and what they endorse. 

The team at Reggae Vibes Music fall in the latter category. After seeing what is happening in the nation, and taking into consideration that the record is doing very well, they have partnered with roots artist Fiyaneer to release his official video for We Bawl. 

The song is featured on the label’s latest release: Rock All Riddim; and it has a very timely message that all gang members and misdirected youths need to hear. Importantly, it also addresses artists “that love talk bout crocodile teeth.”

Scenes for this video were shot by Phoenix Studioz Ja in both downtown Kingston and Rock Hall, St Andrew (Jamaica); while the editing was done by Lone Wolf Filmz.

“I want the people to use this song as a weapon because the crime rate, not just in Jamaica but all over the world and especially among our people, the gun, violence, crime is affecting us. Every age and every stage of our lives this crime a affect we. So yu see this song name We Bawl, is a anti-crime song. This is a voice for you. If they can’t hear you, you can use this Fiyaneer song as a voice to get your message across also.” The preceding is a statement made by Fiyaneer regarding We Bawl.


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