Tony Curtis Confirmed For “Strictly 80s 90s” Dance In New York

On Sunday, February 13, Stretch (from Road International) will present an event dubbed Strictly 80s 90s. This is a dancehall session that is to be held in the day; starting at 5pm and ending at 12am.

The organizers would like the public to know that 50% of the music that will be played at this dance is lover’s-rock. There will also be a live performance by international recording artist Tony Curtis – a member of the reggae group L.U.S.T and a solo artist in his own right.

In addition to Curtis‘ set, additional music is expected from Sir Conqueror, Pretty Posse, Glamour Wayne and Road International. Strictly 80s 90s will take place at Mingles Ultra Lounge (4012 Boston Road) in Bronx, New York. Click here for tickets.

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