Fiyaneer’s Biography (@ReggaeVibesMus1)

Fiyaneer is not your average reggae crooner or DJ. His passion for his craft as well as the genuine charisma with which he composes and presents the topics that are depicted in his music, certainly sets him apart from his contemporaries.

Fiyaneer, christened Odene Burke, hails from the rural community of Allman Hill in St. Catherine and attended the educational institutions Allman Hill All Age and St Mary’s College in Above Rocks. He discovered his love for music in his formative years and is always eager to share stories detailing how he used to stay up with his father who would allow him to sing and DJ using his uncle’s sound equipment, way into the nights after the parties that they used to host had ended. Seeing that he was always immersed in an atmosphere that was permeated with the sounds and rhythms of reggae; it was only natural that he would have developed an affinity for the genre.

Fiyaneer honed his craft by working over the years, with groups such as Kanastone which also featured popular recording artiste Bescenta. He has also worked with the prolific King Jammy’s. This well rounded ambassador of culture has also entered the Jamaica Festival and Tastee talent competition and presented original material in both contests. His work represents strongly for the reggae genre, his lyrics are intricately crafted masterpieces that details vividly, the experiences of the down casted and down trodden members of society, staying true to the roots and the essence of reggae music. He has an unmistakable passion for social justice and for seeing the needs of the less fortunate being met, this concern for the disenfranchised members of the society, is always depicted in his music.

Fiyaneer is a musical craftsman who manages to create and deliver consciously potent music, whilst remaining humble and grounded.


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