Little Hero (Short Biography)

Paul Gayle (born 1972), better known by his stage name Little Hero, is an established Jamaican reggae singer, who is affectionately referred to as Hero by his peers.

Hailing from Farm Town, Discovery Bay, St Ann, Little Hero emerged in the early 90s. He had his first recording with producer Courtney Cole in 1992, but did not get the appropriate recognition until 1994 when he had his first major success with the hit song God Alone. This was a huge collaboration that was done with dancehall artist Merciless and Action Fire.

God Alone was featured on Hero‘s debut album – Revelation – which was released sometime between 07 and 09. Although the record initially premiered in Japan it was eventually published worldwide to his very receptive fanbase, who supported it so much so that it entered the Billboard Top Reggae Albums Chart at number one.

Little Hero Followed the release of his Revelation album by sharing More Love in 2013 (Delroy Roberts Music) and Summer Holiday in 2020 (Ochi City Records). In between his full length projects he has consistently recorded singles for various producers.

One of his most recent singles is Keep On Shining; an inspirational, upbeat, dancehall song that he did for Paul Patmore Productions.

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