KRS-One Is A MC, Are You One Too? (@IAmKRSOne)

On Tuesday, February 22nd, Mr. Lawrence Parker who is publicly known as KRS-One, released his 24th studio album: I M A M C R U 1 2 (I am a MC are you one too). As KRS describes it, this is an album by a MC for MCs.

The record has a total of fourteen tracks and every single one is banging! Anyone who grew up on eighties and nineties hip-hop will immediately appreciate this body of work for its undeniable authenticity. As the saying goes: real recognize real.

What is mind blowing about this album is that it’s excellent on all levels: lyrics, message, beats, flow etc. Kudos to producers SUN-One, Pascal, KPrymeTheJaeger, Mlody, DJ Static, Whalan Jackson and Elan Morrison for their respective contributions to what will go down in history as one of KRS-One‘s best records.

If you have stepped away from what these kids with excessive tattoos and piercings refer to as hip-hop, because you cannot understand or relate to what they are mumbling about, then I encourage you to check out I M A M C R U 1 2. It is refreshing to hear real rap songs from an actual MC again. Click here to listen to the full project.

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