Ed Robinson’s New Record Is On Repeat “All Night Long” (@EDERROBINSON)

Singer / producer Ed Robinson is getting a lot of kudos for his impressive remake of Lionel Richie‘s 1983 hit single All Night Long.

According to Robinson, the idea to do the song came from KashieF Lindo, who felt that he had the vocal dexterity to pull it off. Furthermore, All Night Long was in his repertoire when he worked the hotel circuit as a singer and drummer many years ago. 

Selectors worldwide are clearly in agreement with Lindo, because they have been supporting the track since it came out at the end of January (27th). Additional confirmation followed when it was added to New York’s Reggae Chart – it is now #22.  

All Night Long was produced by Ed Robinson and Joanna MarieMarie played the keys and added supporting vocals, while Robinson did the drums, bass and lead vocals. It was mixed and mastered by the HeavyBeat Crew, headed by Willie & KashieF Lindo.


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