N.G.V Production Releases New Dancehall Riddim “TekSet” 

Jamaican dancehall artists Ras Bentley and Amnon (formerly known as Rajah Dallah), along with Amnon‘s long time friend Jamar McLeod, have all join forces on a new imprint called N.G.V Production. The acronym NGV is an abbreviation for New Garden Vibes, a name chosen because all the key partners are either from the small St. Andrew community with the same name, or currently reside there.

The men are introducing their new label by releasing the TekSet Riddim; a five-track dancehall compilation that features music from Ras Bentley, Amnon, Blacc Lite, Hotta Breads and Karamanti. They shared the project a few days ago and have been enjoying favorable feedback from both dancehall lovers and general music critics ever since.

When asked what can the public expect from the N.G.V Production team going forward, Ras Bentley said: “for NGV it’s a new brand and it’s a brand that deal with stuff that is historically. We are a open minded set a youths with a lot of humility and humbleness. Very positive! A lot of positive vibes. We are going to be a brand that will be a force to be reckon with.”


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