The Reggae Soulman Ginjah Will Perform At Kola Lounge In Michigan On May 13 (@GINJAHMUSIC @tadsrecord)

Although Kola Lounge, which is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is known for putting on major concerts of various genres, one of their upcoming reggae shows is getting more attention than most.

On Friday, May 13th, they will be presenting the reggae soul-man Ginjah, as well as dancehall singer and producer Serani. The live show will also feature Mixology and Uprizin, with host Sophia Chue

After two years of almost no in-person concerts, reggae lovers in the Michigan area began making jubilant posts on social media once the event was announced. The joyful expressions are also due in part to the fact that both artists currently have new tunes that are trending.

Ginjah is now promoting a number of singles; chief among them however, is These Arms, a delightful love song that was produced by Kirk Bennett, Wrong Move and Ginjah. It was officially released on February 18 by Tad’s Record.


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