The One Love Marley Band Will Perform At Aarhus’ Bob Marley Celebration In April

Danish reggae group, One Love Marley Band, has been tapped to perform at the upcoming Bob Marley Celebration scheduled for April 29th in Aarhus, Denmark. They will share the stage with veteran reggae artist Echo Minott, the show’s headliner.

The ensemble have been actively performing reggae music at events in and around Denmark for years and are known and loved for their masterful renditions of most, if not all of Marley’s songs. They have also just added a new front woman – Ditte Fredsgaard Strange – a vocalist who has a credible history of doing reggae, blues and jazz. She is also to lead Denmark’s only orchestra that is dedicated to performing Bob Marley tributes.

The Bob Marley Celebration – which was initially set for February, but had to be push back to the aforementioned date because of covid19 – will be presented at the popular live music venue Voxhall.


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