Reggae-Dancehall Artist Shavarr Releases Anti-Depression Single “Natural Vibe” (@ShavarrOfficial)

Since the success of his 2019 hit, Kibba Yuh Mouth, Jamaican sing-jay Shavarr has not stopped working! From his studio – Wizkilful Productions, which he owns and operates with fellow artist Jahbar I – he continues to share a slew of songs. The latest is Natural Vibe.

Natural Vibe is a soothing dancehall tune that, according to Shavarr, was created to get listeners to relax and hopefully take their minds off all the devastating things happening in the world right now. One of his main intent is to reduce depression. In a statement Shavarr said: the term “right now mi-floating” which was repeated multiple times in the chorus means that your in a relaxed mood or state of mind hence the title of the song “Natural Vibe”.

The bouncy dancehall rhythm was created by Jahbar I; while the lyrics were written by Shavarr and influenced by his lifestyle. Natural Vibe went live on all digital streaming platforms on April 8th.


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