Basco House Production Presents “Touched By An Angel Riddim”

After two years of frightening Biblical revelations that had the world plagued with a new virus, Portmore music label – Basco House Production – emerged from the pandemic with Touched By An Angel Riddim.

Touched By An Angel Riddim is a ten-track dancehall-gospel compilation that features various faith based artists: Da Flame (God Alone), Adrian Cunningham (Burning In My Soul), Stefan Peninsilyn (Wen Di Trumpet Sound), Rian Davis (God Never Late), Gideon Moses (The Lamb Of God), Bradda Biggs (Jesus Name So Sweet), Peetron (Hold Me Jesus), DC Praise (When We Praise God), Kevin Smith (It Wasn’t Me) and Jimmy Fagan (Mi God Nuh Dead).

It was officially released on January 28, 2022, with production credits going to Jrack Music: the creator of the rhythm. The executive producer however is Una Fagan, the CEO and owner of Basco House Production. Each song, in its own unique way, gives praises and reverence to God, despite its hardcore sound and vibe.

Jimmy Fagan and his team at Basco House say that they are pleased with the feedback they have gotten so far from this album. In a statement shared earlier, Jimmy said: “The feedback to date has been tremendous and we are just left still thanking God to how persons in and out of the gospel arena have been commending the project…” He went on to say: “the impact  we would like this project to have on listeners worldwide is first and foremost for the songs to minister to each and everyone who hears it, be it saved or unsaved individuals.”


4 thoughts on “Basco House Production Presents “Touched By An Angel Riddim”

  1. Basco house production always on top.
    More blessings more grace.
    Touched by an angel riddim to the world 🌎🌍🌎🌎🌎🌍🌎🌎.

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