Jodian Pantry Is Back On Her Feet Again (@jodianCPantry @patmore_paul)

A few days ago – on April 24th – Jodian Pantry, in partnership with Paul Patmore, released a reggae remake of Michael Bolton‘s 1989 hit song: When I’m Back On My Feet Again. As soon as the tune was shared, Pantry and her team were flooded with feedback from both members of the public and music industry insiders all praising her rendition.

According to Jodian“Mr. Paul Patmore is the  genius behind this song. He was the one who deposited the song into my soul and it really did Hit me to the core. I cried when I heard it. He said Jody this is your song. Get up and live your life. Use the hurt to propel you into a Better version of yourself. And we are going to do this together in Reggae style.”

All vocals (lead and backup) were recorded at Grafton Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, under the direction of Mikie Bennett. Background vocals were done by popular recording artist Chevaughn, who now goes by the name Qyor. The mellow reggae rhythm that seems to embrace Jodian‘s every word was built by Wade Johnson; and the final merging of all instruments was done by mixing engineer Romel. As for Paul Patmore, he is indeed the man behind the music. He is the executive producer, and When I’m Back On My Feet Again is on his label: Paul Patmore Production.

When asked what she would like to see happen with the song, Jodian Pantry said the following: “My hope for this song is to hit globally, meaning people all over the world will hear my voice and conviction and say wow, another great talent to humanity. Another voice that heals. Another voice that brings great joy. Hopefully Mr. Bolton will be pleased and even him and I will one day stand on a stage together doing both our versions fused together.”


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