Clevon Smith Continues To Rise!

Emerging Trini gospel artist Clevon Smith has been getting a lot of attention of late, especially since he shared his single, Rise Again. The powerful slow groove is a fuse of Jamaican dancehall and American hip-hop, both working together as a base on which Smith‘s strong vocals lay.

The entire song is a prayer. “Hold my head oh Lord, as I trod up on this road – please walk beside me, I can’t walk this path alone.” The preceding are words taken from Rise Again.  

According to Clevon, the song was inspired by events he saw and experienced throughout, and even after the pandemic. Many persons close to him were seriously affected by the virus. He lost two very good friends whose deaths brought back memories of his deceased sister, grandfather and uncle. On top of that, His wife, daughter and sister all caught the delta variant, which resulted in the family being quarantined and having to deal with all the complications that went along with that. 

Rise Again was released in early March. The video went live on the 8th and the audio became available on digital music stores the following day: on the 9th. The official video is just as compelling as the track. Shot and edited by David Allen Photography, the clip has a very pronounced cinematic look and style.

When asked what he would like listeners to take away from the song, Clevon Smith said: “Would want them to be encouraged and blessed and know that no matter what life may bring their way they can rise again; could be at their lowest point, never give up because they can rise again.”


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