Reggae Singer Kerry Starr Makes Major Changes!

Kerry Starr, the Jamaican singer who was formerly a member of the international reggae group Groundation, is currently promoting her latest single: Mi Ex. The song, which was inspired by actual events, came out at the end of 2021. 

On the record, Starr proclaims her separation from her ex-boyfriend, who is also the father of her only child. She wrote the tune after ending what she describes as a long and destructive relationship with him. 

The producer of Mi Ex is Cantroman, the CEO and owner of Studio 99 Music (the label on which the track is presented). He and Kerry Starr have known each other for some time, as they both once resided in the Hermitage Community concomitantly.

Dissociating from her intimate partner is just one of the major changes Kerry is making. She is also actively trying to get her career back on track after what she says was a ruff couple of years. Apparently the pandemic affected her badly! It cancelled out a tour she was working on; and upended her living situation.


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