Dancehall Artist Karamanti Explains Her Caution For Fame In New Song/Video”Why Rush”

In 2013 after she released her very first full length studio album, Dancehall RetaliatesKaramanti was nominated as the best female solo artist by the Dancehall Industry Awards (held in the UK). The album also went up against Vybz Kartel and Mr. Vegas‘ records in the WINS Reggae Awards (powered by Reggae France) for Dancehall Album of the year. 

Subsequently, Karamanti kept on creating and sharing new music which were always met with adulation. However, despite the consistent extolment she always stayed measured in her promotion; taking deliberate steps to avoid too much attention. 

In a new freestyle song and video, she explains why she is cautious of becoming famous irrespective of her growing fan base. The tune is titled Why Rush and it was done spontaneously on the popular Riddim Rush beat produced by ZIP radio personality ZJ RushKaramanti‘s lyrics are as follows:

A one bag a talk anytime I and I and I and I links link up
Wholla dem know say mi bad so dem always a ask yo how yu no buss
Big woman ting me a tek my time I a write my rhymes and such
Music fi fun me a fulljoy di ride but mi affi ask why rush?

Is a question me ask
Again and again
Dem waa mi fi spark
And start set di trend
But what’s in mi heart
Dem don’t comprehend
I don’t waa get lost
And den loose myself

Mi ting well different
Mi naa pree money or fame dat a fi dem
Mi naa bow down fi di strength from no pigeon
Mi naa violate or split from mi fren
Jah Jah a mi start and mi middle and mi end
So anybody waa see me soar betta listen
A queen ting dis no hore or chicken
I shall walk true dat door but with him
But anyways listen 

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