Tanya Stephens Collaborates with Cedella Marley & Diana King On New Single (@Tadsrecord @Tanya_Stephens @cedellamarley @DIANAKINGDOM)  

Talented singer and songwriter Tanya Stephens has just released a new single titled Diamonds In The Sun. The acoustic masterpiece features two equally gifted female voices: Cedella Marley and Diana King.

Produced by Tad ‘Jr. Tads’ Dawkins and Tad’s RecordDiamonds In The Sun is an oxymoron in that it both heals and hurts simultaneously. The healing comes from the carefully penned words that act as a positive mental stimuli for women who have dealt with abuse and/or marginalization on any level. What hurts however, is the realization that women are still having to deal with these degrading issues. 

Published on all digital streaming platforms on May 20th, Diamonds In The Sun has catapulted Tanya Stephens back into the limelight. She said the following about the song: “It is a conglomeration of all our individual activism. We are three separate and different voices… but it was a comfortable and easy fit. The advancement of women, talking about trauma and gender-based violence comes natural. The intention is to foster the dialogue and keep the conversation going until we are comfortable enough discussing the problem to focus on finding solutions.”


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