Artist To Watch: Elboe (@djelboe)

Elboe is an American hip-hop artist and producer, born and raised in the historical city of Birmingham, Alabama. Since the age of seven he showed interest in music by teaching himself to deejay; scratching and mixing his Dad’s old jazz and soul records.

As a producer, his influences include classic soul artist Curtis Mayfield and other musicians from the 70s. However, as an artist he is inspired by Ice Cube, Rakim and U.G.K. At age twelve he formed a duo with a neighborhood friend. It eventually turned into a group of three called The Mic Coalition, officially formed in 2009. Sadly, the union did not last.

As time progressed, he honed his skills and developed as a solo artist, and by 2018 he released his first single called Stay Shining. It was written, produced and arranged by Elboe. Also worth noting is the fact that Stay Shining was recorded at hip-hop mogul, producer and engineer Cory Mo‘s M.A.D. Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Cory‘s credits include U.G.K., TLC and Kanye West. Stay Shining has been featured 4 times in ATL’s top 20 Countdown and it’s currently in rotation on several digital radio, including weblazinhiphop dotcom, dirtysouthradioonline dotcom and PUSO 82.3 FM. To date it has garnered over 50,000 Spotify streams.

Elboe creates honest, authentic and edu-taining hip-hop music, with a distinct, unique voice that always captivates listeners. His current singles are Warrior and Royal Money. Both are available on all DSPs.

In addition to producing, writing and spitting rhymes, Elboe is also the host of The Bombz Musik Show, a TV program that showcases independent artists and entrepreneurs. It is filmed in Birmingham, Alabama and broadcasts throughout the State, airing as far as Philadelphia (Phillycam).

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