Ernie Ranglin Talks About New Album With Dean Fraser “Two Colors” (@Tadsrecord)

On Friday, May 27th, Two Colors – the highly anticipated album from legendary musicians Dean Fraser and Ernie Ranglin – went live on all digital streaming platforms. The twelve-track instrumental project, which features reggae, ska, dub, mento etc., comes to us courtesy of Tad’s International Record.

In an effort to better understand the creative process, I reached out to Ernie Ranglin‘s agent – Dale Aslam – who facilitated a brief interview. See our conversation below. 

Maria Jackson:Can you talk about how you first connected with Dean Fraser? Was it through music or otherwise, and what was the experience like?

Ernie Ranglin:Through music. I was coming from a tour and he was among the group of people on the flight and someone asked him what he think about me and the answer that he gave them, you know, I appreciate it alot. And I think from there on I started to have a liking for him and I always watch his performance and I followed his works.

Maria Jackson:Have you ever collaborated with Dean before? 

Ernie Ranglin:Well yes. Not a whole lot but there are times when Floyd Lloyd Seivright had a thing going you know, and whenever there is anything that I could find as a section that could use a saxophone I would use him. 

Maria Jackson:Why “Two Colors”? How should Ernie Ranglin fans and Dean Fraser supporters interpret that title? Is there a hidden meaning?

Ernie Ranglin:Well Dean has his style and I have my style; that’s the colors. Well we are not really trying to show any difference we’re just trying to do things to make people feel happy and enjoy themself. That’s what we are focusing on.

Maria Jackson:The first single – De Ranglin – had reggae lovers all over the world anticipating the full album. Whose idea was it to have Big Youth on that track?

Ernie Ranglin:I don’t know; that was all Dean

Maria Jackson:Are the other songs similar in style to “De Ranglin,” or should persons looking to buy the album expect a very diverse project?

Ernie Ranglin: I think so because we have a variety of tunes so you know, we hope that it’s not something that people will get tired to listen to. It should be something that keeps them entertained.

Maria Jackson:What do you want listeners to take away from Two Colors after hearing the full LP?

Ernie Ranglin:Well to enjoy, and we hope that it could be a good memory for them

Maria Jackson:Any final words?

Ernie Ranglin: Well I hope that this will be the beginning of a very good set of things between Dean Fraser and myself.


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