Paul Patmore Production Releases 2nd Single From Jodian Pantry’s Upcoming EP

A few weeks after releasing the reggae remix of When I’m Back On My Feet AgainJodian Pantry – in collaboration with Paul Patmore Production – is sharing another single from her upcoming EP. 

The new record – a remake of Peter Tosh‘s Pick Myself Up – much like the first song, accurately captures Pantry‘s current state of mind. In some recent television interviews Jodian hinted at the tumultuous nature of her last relationship, while expressing her gratitude for having survived it (mentally, emotionally etc.). Although she did not come out and say it, viewers are left with the impression that the union was an abusive one.

That said, Jodian Pantry and her team have been choosing songs with an underline theme of survival, perseverance and persistence; and she’s been singing them as if they were her own. Fans and supporters are anticipating that the full EP, which is due out at the end of July, will be in the same vein.


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