Cellus Hamilton Is Giving Away $300 USD (@CellusHamilton)

The stock market is down and gas prices are up! Every dollar you spend counts and should be spent or invested wisely. Flippant spending today could mean you go without tomorrow.

As a result of these circumstances Cellus Hamilton has decided to be generous and giveaway $300 USD.

Coming off the heels of his new album His Songbook for the Journey, which was released one month ago on May 6th, Cellus Hamilton is in high gear promoting the release that he spent many years creating.

To get the $300 is simple. All it requires is doing 3 things!

  1. Purchase the new album His Songbook for the Journey on iTunes or Amazon for $9.99 and leave a review!
  2. Send Cellus Hamilton a screenshot of your purchase.
  3. Sign up for the mailing list on CellusHamilton dotcom

Winners will be chosen on Tuesday, June 7th!


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