Rastafarian Artist Ras Kidus Defends Righteousness In Latest Single “Strong Like A Lion From Zion” (@RasKidus)

Being good, honorable and right has become increasingly difficult in today’s world. It doesn’t matter if you are in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America or Antarctica, the fact is we have all lowered our moral values in some respect. Functioning with diminished ethical principles is as a result of many factors: being bombarded by sexual and violent images – resulting in the desensitization of the latter; the politicization of faith and religion; as well as the glorification of money, fame and wealth.

That said, it is not often that we find individuals – especially those working within the music industry – that have managed to maintain high standards of morality and respectability. Ras Kidus is one such person. The Jamaican Rastafarian sing-jay, who is now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, refuses to succumb to the substandard thoughts and actions that have become the norm in communities around the world. He said as much in his latest single, Strong Like A Lion From Zion.

Written and produced in 2018, Strong Like A Lion From Zion was not officially shared with the public until December, 2021. It was produced by sound engineer and bass player Toho Saunders at Vibe Arc Studios, with input from co-producer Stephanie Slade of Digital Slade Art. The song is a heart-felt modern take on ancient teachings and rhythms.


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