Samantha J Is Back & She Is Here To Stay! (@SamanthaJ)

Jamaican model, singer and songwriter Samantha J, who rose to prominence in 2013 with the mega hit single Tight Skirt, has returned with a new song and video that’s meant to send a message to industry insiders: “I am back and I am not going anywhere. No one but God himself can change my destiny.”

The California based artist – who spent the last two years bonding with her son – admitted that the pandemic, although disruptive, gave her the time and space needed to reflect on her career and decide on the way forward. That period of contemplation resulted in the forceful dancehall-pop single Push Ya Luck, released on June 3rd, 2022 via Anka Music Group.

When asked what inspired the song, Samantha hinted at several things. One of which is being exploited by people both in her personal and professional life. She went on to say: “Push Ya Luck is really inspired by my determination and my love for music. I am the type of person that if you try to control me or say I can’t do something, it motivates me. That flips on a switch in my brain to prove you wrong and to do better in everything.”

The carefully coordinated official video, which was also shared on June 3rd, has already wracked up well over half-a-million views on her YouTube channel. It was directed by Damian Fyffe, with input from Samantha J and Derrick Morgan – Anka Music Group’s CEO.

“When you listen to Push Ya Luck my goal is to make sure you feel empowered in yourself to know that no one can walk all over you unless you allow it. Life is a journey where people don’t want to see you rise, but your passion, hardworking and determination will determine you destination.” The preceding is a statement  from Samantha J.


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