Equator Faith Mission Presents “Acts Of Praise” (@jodianCPantry)

Jamaica, a small Caribbean island with a population of approximately three million people, has a murder rate that is simply incomprehensible for its size. The preceding statement should be amended to read: a murder rate that cannot be understood by the non believer. A follower of Christ however, sees the ongoing homicides in the country for exactly what it is: an unrelenting demonic attack on the nation. 

Equator Faith Mission, a Kingston based church, is one of the local Christian organizations that’s doing what it can to combat the constant chaos. To that end, they will be hosting an event called Acts of Praise on Friday, July 1, on the church grounds – 61 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13, Jamaica. Their objective is to raise funds for the church’s Youth Empowerment Projects. 

Because most of the crimes are being committed by young people, the idea is to create and execute projects that will keep them engaged and empowered. As we all know: the devil finds work for idle hands. Acts of Praise will feature performances by Jody-K, Jodian Pantry, Curtis Rhoden, Sherlon Russell and LAUD Dance Ministry. The church is asking for a donation of $1,000 JMD for adults and $500 JMD for kids. 

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