Richie Stephens Offers Advice To Anyone Under A Malison “Reverse The Curse”

Jamaican singer, songwriter and producer Richie Stephens – who hails from the parish of  Westmoreland – has just released another inspirational record titled Reverse the Curse. According to Stephens, he penned the song after observing how mean-spirited and grudgeful some people behave, especially towards someone who is succeeding in his or her pursuit.

The production of Reverse the Curse is a collaborative effort between Richie Stephens and his longtime friend and colleague Richard Davidson (CEO and owner of BoomRich Productions). Prior to the release of this record the men have jointly shared two other singles: Valley and Stay Positive. Their objective is to publish a full length studio album at the end of August. 

The vocals and instruments for Reverse the Curse were recorded at Richie Stephens‘ Pot of Gold Studio. Musicians that worked on rhythm are: Courtney Panton (bass-guitar), Dave Green (drums), Robert Browne (guitar) and Othniel Lewis (piano); with recording and mixing engineer Marvin Jackson.

When asked if the words in the song were inspired by personal events, Stephens said: “This song is for everyone and also personal…It is the sound track of my life with all the challenges I faced over the years especially in music. People can relate to the lyrical content based on the realness of the song. Every living person go through these things at some point in life.” He went on to say: “I would like people to understand that God is still alive and we should keep the faith in him especially in these troubled times…Ask Father God to Reverse the curse and send it back to sender…”


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