Jamaica’s Beloved Little Hero Is Singing For The “World Right Now”

Jamaica’s reggae-dancehall industry, although strong and influential, is filled with persons with questionable character. This includes those in the background, as well as performers and players of instruments standing on center stage. The sad reality is that a lot of our artists have been involved in some form of scandal at some point in their career.

One artist that’s managed to keep hands and heart clean to date is Little Hero. The St. Ann singer, who emerged on the scene in the early 90s, has been able to avoid a lot of the pitfalls in the entertainment industry. He’s had several number-one songs over the years and yet he remains humble and continues to give us ‘big tunes’.  

His latest ‘big tune’ is World Right Now: an inspirational dancehall track produced by Sheldon and Leroy Edwards for Pandemic Records. In it, Hero laments on the current state of mankind, highlighting the fact that many have chosen to take the road frequently travelled. One filled with crime, violence, envy and outright wickedness.

The strength of World Right Now was confirmed by Jamaica’s award-winning film writer, director and producer, Dr. Empress Rose Green, who used the song in a short film centered around Africa Day 2022. She chose it because, according to her: “it summarizes the Africa Day film and message in its entirety.”  


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