Hezron Shares Third Single From His Upcoming Album “Save The Children” (@iamhezron @Tadsrecord)

Recording artist Hezron is currently one of the most underrated song writers hailing from Jamaica. Anyone who takes the time to really listen and study his catalogue – sincerely – will come to the same conclusion.

Save The Children, the third single from his upcoming album – M.O.A.M. (Man on a Mission), due out on July 29th, 2022 – is testament to the preceding statement. The song, which was produced by Hezron and distributed by Tad’s Record Inc., went live on music platforms a few days ago (June 24th).

Interestingly, Hezron penned Save The Children after being exposed to a couple of very disturbing truths about what is really happening with young people all over the world. The first was an African documentary demonstrating how children are captured, abused and brainwashed into becoming child soldiers; and the second was learning how Jamaican dons and gangsters often rape and exploit kids, eventually converting them into killers.

After having these realities revealed to him, the St. James singer who has given us hits like Can’t Come Between, Can’t Tek Di Pressure, She’s All Woman, and his most recent, Tik Tok I’m Coming – which sat at #1 for four weeks on Clinton Lindsay’s South Florida Reggae Charts and Richie B’s Jamaica Top 25 Reggae Singles Chart – wrote words that allow you and I to see and feel what he saw and felt. Furthermore, Save The Children, which was recorded in Kingston at Tad’s International Recording Studio and Mountain Lion Music JA, also features saxophonist extraordinaire Dean Fraser

This is a powerful record that will no doubt increase anticipation for the upcoming album: M.O.A.M. (Man on a Mission)Save The Children is now available on all major music platforms.


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